iPhone Knock-off from Google?

Google will have a lot to learn about bringing hardware and especially wireless handsets to market. Without their own proprietary technology, this would be the MP3 vs. the iPod. What's the value? For people that want an iPod but don't want to pay the premium, they choose a MP3 player. There is a definite market opportunity for an alternative to the iPhone, but don't forget about Motorola and Nokia. This is a race that will tiresome to keep up with advancements. Google will have to get the carriers to bend. Apple was able to pull that off, they were the first company that "dictated" to the carrier what the user experience and functionality would be. Not the other way around. Google may have some similar pull with the carriers, it's possible. They certainly have the deep pockets to push it through. Making it open and unlocked for a global market would be a better approach. Also, making it feasible for an enterprise mobile user would be one better. Most CIOs and IT directors I talk to are not enthused about supporting the iPhone on their networks. Selling it as a Google utility online direct from Google would also keep their costs down - that business model doesn't fit well with carriers today.