Facebook - those nagging lawsuits

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Facebook finds itself embroiled in lawsuit waged by founders of ConnectU, the Harvard website where Mark Zuckerberg once programmed. The article with complete details was put out by 02128 Magazine. Having promised to finish the ConnectU site with the sites founders, Zuckerberg informed them on January 14, 2004 that he was working "on another project." On February 4, 2004, he launched Facebook. Recently, Facebook just completed another round of funding provided  the Chinese billionaire, Li Ka-shing - the $60 million investment was small bet given he is the 9th richest man in the world according to Forbes at $23 billion. What is troubling now for Facebook is the online blogs and comments where you are starting to see users taking down their profiles and calling for Mark to step down. The reporter for 02138 obtained the documents from the Federal Appeals Court. The documents were available for download but have since been removed since they contained Zuckerberg's social security number and other personal information. The privacy watchers and media are having a heyday with this - the irony of the Facebook founder who wants to collect and sell personal information on 50 million people doesn't want his information out there. True, his privacy was violated and this week Facebook announced some changes to its ad platform, Beacon, to give users more control of their data. The financial investments provide plenty of resources to squash any legal maneuvers. For the many industry watchers comparing Zuckerberg to Bill Gates, they more fuel to the fire. Bill as a Harvard dropout who, along with his classmate, Paul G. Allen, presumably copied a version of the BASIC compiler designed by two Dartmouth college professors. It's usually not the first with the idea; it's the first to market who wins. For now we'll have to see how many Facebook users know or care about this lawsuit.