Google Shot across the Browser

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Google-Chrome150x150.pngGoogle has introduced their long awaited web browser, Chrome. It's receiving mixed reviews so far.  Microsoft Internet Explorer has 72% market share, followed by Firefox at 19.7% and Safari 6.3%. It took 3 years for Mozilla to go from zero to 20%. My prediction is Google will have 10% market share within one year. Browsers are the operating system of the Internet. Google wants to make your overall Internet experience better. They only want to get more people to use Google. They make no money distributing this software. This does nothing for their bottom line. How does this gain more market share for Google? This is a defensive move from Google. They want to promote more Google Applications but you still need operating systems to run browsers (at least for now).

It appears to run fast, has better memory management, but it will actually use more memory than IE. You can tear off the tabs, but you could already do that on Safari, speaking of which there isn't a version for the MAC. Some users have reported missing their Firefox plug-ins, problems scrolling on Dell touchpads and it doesn't run adblock. It has an Omnibox that combines the search box and the address URL box, which begs the question what happens when you get unresolved URI's? Will it redirect to the ISP's search page or Google? It's worth downloading and comparing to IE 8.0. As with other Google Apps, it's still in "beta."