The last Palm you'll ever own?

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By building upon their heritage in personal information management devices, Palm has extended good functionality to popular websites that appeal to business users with the new Palm Pre. I believe this is the last Hoo-Haa for Palm as they have struggled for several years (stock was $1.50 in December). They redesigned the operating system, WebOS, from the ground up and many industry observers like the new user interface. It makes use of MEMS to support tilt like the iPhone. It received a lot of attention at the Consumer Electronics Show this week. The browser is based on WebKit and developers who know XHTML, Javascript, XML and Cascading Style Sheets should be able to develop for the device without learning any new languages. Palm has many loyal users. Their carrier partner, Sprint has experienced a severe drop in subscriber growth recently. So you have two weak players making another go at it. If Verizon gets a hold of it, that would help it flank AT&T's iPhone. We're not out jumping in the stock yet, it went from $3 to $6 in a couple of days, mostly a short-covering rally.