Motorola barely a RAZR's edge with Droid versus Nexus


According to Flurry Media, Droid accounted for 48% of the download volume during the month of December. Motorola and Verizon executed on a $100 million marketing campaign resulting in Motorola over-achieving on their previous forecast of 600,000 units in the 4th quarter. The device received good reviews in late October setting the stage for a big 4th quarter push. Even though the music and video capabilities are lacking, the faster web browser and call quality make it the star in Android handsets. Motorola fully embraced Android and made some good design choices; including using the more powerful Arm Cortex A8 CPU. The same CPU in the iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre. The upcoming Google Nexus will be another HTC variant sporting better performance on web pages due to some tuning with Android 2.1 and the Snapdragon processor. Now we have to determine who is the better high-volume manufacturer, Motorola or HTC? Since HTC gains the benefit of multiple OEM relationships, they come down the learning cost curve much faster than a stand-alone Motorola. I would see the Nexus One come out with an initial high price, then rapidly decline during the Spring of 2010.