The iPad leaves the rest as Tablets of Stone

I've come to the conclusion that RIM suffers from legacy compatibility, much like Microsoft has experienced. Morgan Stanley analyst Ehud Gelblum forecasts RIM's global market share to decline from 16% to 13% by 2012. Now that RIM is expected to launch the Blackpad with QNX versus Blackberry 6, they are accepting the limitations of Java ME and want to drop the baggage of legacy code for older Blackberrys.  QNX is a real-time Posix OS that is popular with automobile, industrial & medical applications. Since it powers BMW navigation systems & Porsche 911 "acoustic processing," I'd like to see what RIM would do with it. The Google Chrome OS table from HTC & Verizon is expected to come out the day after Thanksgiving - OK but please hope it's a better launch than the Nexus One. CIO Magazine said the Dell Aero is "an embarrassment to Android."  The Aero runs 1.5 Android, so I'd have to agree with them. We'll have to wait until early next year to see HP's Hurricane based on the webOS from Palm. In the meantime, keep a lookout for the Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab. It features a 1 GHz ARM processor with Android Froyo, front/rear cameras and Adobe Flash.  Many Apple competitors hope to garner market share now that the iPad is firmly established as the category leader. I like that enterprise applications on the iPad are emerging like those from Bausch & Lomb and Mercedes Benz Financial. If Apple wanted to scorch the earth with tablet wannabes, they could just introduce a cost-reduced 7 in. iPad "Nano" at a $400 price point. I'd keep that club in the bag for now.