Windows hiding behind the iPad Eminence Front

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It is no secret that iPads are gaining traction in the corporate enterprise with its ideal form factor, weight and battery life. What Nicholas Carr didn't see with his iconoclastic report "IT Doesn't Matter," was how the tightening of the technology stack would be enabled by consumer endpoints capable of running any application from a data center or the cloud. I was interested to see this week's VMWare View 4.6 for the iPad joining the category of other apps like Citrix Receiver or the new Rackspace OpenStack admin app. VMWare had to program custom gestures to blend the iOS experience with what most users often run on VDI - Windows. Now you can use two-fingers to right click and Apple-like drag & drop features to interact with Windows. Heck, you can even run Flash on the iPad. Unlike Microsoft's protocol, RDP, VMWare uses PCoIP, which transmits only changing pixels to stateless endpoints over the network. Since the protocol can tunnel over HTTPS, proxies or firewalls don't block it. This enables virtual end-to-end tapping; finding your nodes without knowing their physical path. The iPad used as a VDI device helps Microsoft defend their presence in the enterprise since the access device would satisfy users and may reduce the complaints about enterprise application user experience. "The sun shines, and people forget; the spray flies as the speedboat glides and people forget...," people forget how many Windows workstations are still out there.